Unfortunately, this website will be completely taken down in the next week or so.
The mixture of being furloughed for an extended period of time and the fact I’ve yet to make any money from sports photography means I can no longer justify paying for or maintaining the site.

I would like to thank everyone and anyone who has supported or even just visited in the past year. Some of the feedback and kind words I’ve received have meant the world to me personally.
I would also like to thank the clubs and players who used and/or promoted my photos as well as the various other Irish League photographers I encountered throughout the season who were always cool to me. For a guy like myself that meant a lot.

Special shout-outs to my daughter Amy, who came with me to many matches despite not really liking football and to my fiance Alice, who put up with me being away for far too many nights and spending altogether too much money on camera stuff.



Written by Gavin

Gavin is a professional graphic designer, photographer and journalist from Belfast.