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Ballymena Showgrounds

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The Ballymena Showgrounds are home to Ballymena United and Ballymena United Allstars.
Opened back in 1903, the stadium has a current safe capacity of 3,600 (4,100 overall) and is owned by Ballymena Borough Council.
The pitch is surrounded by a tarmac track which was, until 2019, used for stockcar racing.

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Luckily for me, my sister and her family live right by the Ballymena Showgrounds and as a council owned facility, it’s open to the public all day. One thing I hadn’t considered however was that there are still people keeping an eye on the place and these people will be wandering what a random guy is doing roaming around their stadium, which is fair enough really. The guy who finally had a word with me was friendly enough so shoutouts you random country dude you.
Best to ask if it’s OK to dander about the place at reception in future…

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Sharing costs nothing and helps a lot!

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