Linfield Vs Carrick Rangers

Linfield Vs Carrick Rangers B-Roll 02/11/19

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Linfield Vs Carrick Rangers
Danske Bank Premiership – Windsor Park Belfast, Saturday 2nd November 2019

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Final Score: Linfield 2-0 Carrick Rangers

Linfield Lineup: R. Ferguson, M. Stafford, J. Callagher, A. Waterworth, J. Cooper, K. Millar, M. Clarke, S. Fallon, B. Hery, J. Mulgrew, N. Quinn
Subs: G. Deane, J. Robinson, M. Shevlin, A. Mitchell, D. Reynolds, T. Hume, C. Allen

Carrick Rangers Lineup: Hogg, Surgenor, Rodgers, Chapman, Faulkner, Kelly, Nixon, Ferrin, Cherry, Thompson, Keke
Subs: McAuley, Neale, Loughran, Smith, Sachem, Hassin, Anderson

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Sharing costs nothing and helps a lot!

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